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Marion Saunders 1908-1998 (Mary Anne Raywid)
Domestic Violence Concurrence Meeting (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Candidates' Forum
Orientation Meeting for New Members (Grace Furukawa)
Hawaiian Annexation Anniversary Special
Better Government Volunteer Announcement

Better Government Volunteer Announcement

Citizen Advocacy Panels

A unique opportunity is now available to make a positive contribution to your tax administration system by becoming a member of an IRS Citizen Advocacy Panel. The panels provide a public forum for independent monitoring of the quality of IRS customer service and members will make recommendations to improve that service. The mission of the Citizen Advocacy Panels is to:

  • Provide citizen input into enhancing IRS customer service by identifying problems and making recommendations for improvement with IRS systems and procedures;

  • Elevate the identified problems to the appropriate IRS official and monitor the progress to effect change; and

  • Refer individual taxpayers to the appropriate IRS office for assistance in resolving their problems.

The closing date is 9/11/98. The Pacific-Northwest Panel should be operational in the late Fall of 1998.

Citizen Advocacy Panel Members Duties

The Panel members will:

  • Hold public meetings at which taxpayers will be invited to raise issues concerning their interactions with the IRS;

  • Hold orientation and working meetings;

  • Refer taxpayers who contact the Panels to the IRS offices best able to resolve their problems;

  • Identify and priortize taxpayer issues;

  • Make recommendations to the IRS and Treasury on customer service issues; and

  • Annually report and publish the results of their work.

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