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Marion Saunders 1908-1998 (Mary Anne Raywid)
Domestic Violence Concurrence Meeting (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
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Orientation Meeting for New Members (Grace Furukawa)
Hawaiian Annexation Anniversary Special
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Orientation Meeting for New Members

On August first we had our second Orientation Meeting of 1998. Four new members and five prospective members attended. Several joined after the meeting. Members who attended were Dot Bobilin, Tom Brower, George Fox and Maki Kuroda. The prospective members were Chantel Cagel, Jennie Gillespie, Alva Kaneaiakala, Bernadette Park and Myrtle Schaefer.

It is always gratifying to note that League seems to attract intelligent, interesting people with talents that are impressive. This group was no exception.

Special thanks to those Board members who were able to come and explain, not only their portfolios, but those of others that could not attend: Jean Aoki, Ruth Brantley, Arlene Ellis, and Pearl Johnson. Each expressed with passion their League interests that was positively contagious and definitely impressed our visitors.

Grace Furukawa

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