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Update on Campaign Finance Reform - HI.CLEAN (Toni Worst)
President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
Board of Education Survey (Pearl Johnson)
Education Committee (Mary Anne Raywid)
Annual Vigil
Elections That Are For Sale Are Not Free (Marilyn Bornhorst)
Final Push on Con Con and the Amendment (Jean Aoki)
Survey on Gambling in Hawaii (Dorothy Bobilin)
Candidates in Focus (Pearl Johnson)

Board of Education Survey

Voting for members of the Board of Education almost always presents problems at every election. The Education Committee has prepared a BOE Voters Guide and put it on the Internet at

The Committee sent a list of 5 questions to each of the candidates for the Board. All but one of the candidates who made it to the November election replied. The Guide may be read or copied at all libraries. . Ask the librarian for the League of Women Voters Guide and describe it as several xeroxed sheets of paper. Those wishing their own copies may pick up a copy at the League office

Pearl Johnson

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