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Survey on Gambling in Hawaii (Dorothy Bobilin)
Candidates in Focus (Pearl Johnson)

"Candidates in Focus"

"Candidates in Focus", a joint project of the League and 'Olelo, gives every candidate up to 10 minutes of television time shortly before elections. Candidates were allowed 30 minutes of 'Olelo studio time to tape up to 10 minutes and were allowed to choose which take was to be cablecast. League volunteers guided the candidates through the process and, when technical help was short, even pushed control buttons in the studio. No editing was performed.

Channel 54 will cablecast the results from October 20 through 31. The Senate, House and City Council races are grouped regionally. The detailed schedule is in the October 'Olelo Program Guide which may be obtained by calling 834-0007, extension 113.

The same service was provided for the primary election. League volunteers were Betty Goodwin, Malia Schwartz, Pearl Johnson, Jona Sing, Luree Hays, Betty Smith, Clint Marantz, Bernice Hayashida, Joann Green, Annelle Lee, Grace Furukawa, Joyce Lee, Ann Todd, Edna Shoup, Lola Mench, Carol Taylor, Martha Ross, Pamela Cristoffel and Carolyn Golojuch. Thanks to all.

Pearl Johnson

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