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Survey on Gambling in Hawaii

The Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling led by Dot Bobilin sent a letter to all 387 candidates for public office except OHA candidates, asking them to check the following five statements that would indicate their positions on legalizing gambling in Hawaii.

  1. I am opposed to the legalization of all forms of gambling in Hawaii.

  2. I am for the legalization of gambling in Hawaii.

  3. I am not sure of my position about legalized gambling in Hawaii.

  4. I am generally opposed to gambling in Hawaii except for...

  5. I pledge my opposition to legalized gambling in Hawaii.

Among those running for. the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House and for Governor and Lt. Governor, 31 responses (71%) were returned. Of those, 71% were opposed to legalizing gambling in Hawaii.

Of the 42 candidates for the State Senate, 25 returned their cards and of those returns, 52% we opposed to legalized gambling. 95 of the 154 candidates for the State House returned their cards, and of those, 69% were opposed to legalize gambling.

For the County Council candidates on all islands, 46% returned our cards, and of those 30 or 66% were against legalized gambling.

Call Dot Bobilin and leave a message at League office - 531-7448, if you want more information.

Dot Bobilin

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