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Update on Campaign Finance Reform - HI.CLEAN (Toni Worst)
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Update on Campaign Finance Reform - HI.CLEAN

HI.CLEAN kept up its informational and research activities throughout the summer, even though key participants were on vacation.

During this time post cards were sent to all candidates asking them to support the goals of public financing of campaigns. Only 35-40 responses were received and many were requests for more information which confirmed a previously identified need for a thorough publication piece on clean elections. We are now preparing a tabloid that will inform all those interested, supporters, community leaders and those candidates (League members also) about what Hawaii Clean Elections is all about, a summary of the _bill passed by the Legislature (SB2399) that mandated a study of public financing of campaigns in which the Campaign Spending Commission and HI. CLEAN will cooperate and other pertinent information including goals and work coming up in the future.

A sub-committee is now pressing forward with 1999 Legislative goals and with the mandated study, even though the Commission's participation will probably be solely informational until its staff survives the enforcement load they necessarily are tasked with throughout the election season.

A very important aspect we expect to address in the upcoming legislative session (and part of the study) will be ensuring an adequate funding source for the Clean Elections Program. Currently, partial public funding comes from the $2.00 tax check off and fewer and fewer taxpayers are participating in that check-off as the public's hope for reform via partial funding programs declines. So we will be looking at possible new sources of revenue as well as how to increase check-off participation. Other reforms to be studied and addressed in 1999 include soft money, improving disclosure and loophole closure.

Work is still on-going to create an education arm of HI.CLEAN, via a 501c3 organization, so donations can be tax deductible as charitable contributions. That new organization will be called Hawaii Elections Project and should be completed in a few months and will be the vehicle to receive contributions and new grant money for the purposes of research and public education.

The data base study is continuing with using the original research and public information grant HI.CLEAN received last year from the Piper Fund. That information will inform the public about where the big contributions are coming from, where they're going and how they are related to pending legislation and government spending.

WANTED: A HI.CLEAN VOLUNTEER to build and maintain a website. Various members, elected officials and organizations want to link us to their websites to help spread the word We need people with enough time to build and maintain it, too when we put our database information up for the public to access.

Toni Worst

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