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Con Con / POC

On the State ballot issues, we won one and lost one. The rejection of Con Con was no small victory. If it had passed, we surely would have experienced a wholesale frontal attack on more of our constitutional rights. Nationally, fundamentalists have made their agenda very clear - elimination of abortion rights, choice (vouchers) in education, organized prayers in school, less social programs, etc.

In the ratification election, we could have anticipated the same kind of intense battles that marked the campaigning on the ballot issues in this election. We would be no match financially to launch such a campaign. Even the election of delegates would have been the kind of intensely-fought contests not experienced in 1968 nor 1978. The total, well-financed commitment of the fundamentalists to their cause have become quite clear.

The loss on the amendment was not that surprising. However, we have allowed a cancer to attack our Bill of rights. It is a blight that must be excised sooner rather than later. Discrimination has absolutely no place in our Bill of Rights.

The proponents of the amendment cleverly appealed to the fears and prejudices of our citizens. In permitting this process, our legislators have allowed our constitutional rights which are supposed to protect individuals and minorities from abuse from state, church and society - to become fair prey to the tyranny of the majority.

Jean Aoki

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