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Education Committee

School Superintendent Paul LeMahieu attended the most recent meeting of the League's Education Committee on October 26. He spoke at length of his program for Hawaii's schools, an approach know as "systemic reform" on the mainland. (In brief, the idea is to transform schools by framing, agreed-upon standards for all students, proposing the curriculum that will enable them to meet the standards, and devising an assessment system that will determine the extent to which individuals and schools measure up.)

After presenting his agenda, Dr. LeMahieu graciously answered questions on other matters which the Committee put to him. He impressed members tremendously with his openness and candor; his inclusionary tendencies; his warmth and humanism; and his willingness to say "I don't know."

The Education Committee will meet again on November 16 - this time to consider systemic reform theory; to review election results and what they augur for Hawaii's schools in coming months; to review recent developments in the movement to downsize schools; and to explore the role the Committee will assume in relation to the present school administration.

Mary Anne Raywid
Chair State Education Committee

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