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Hawaii Clean Elections

Hawaii Clean Elections mailed a tabloid to all members and friends bringing its status up to date. It is extremely informative for all concerned with campaign finance reform. All of us interested in helping to further this effort should make a special effort to attend the Public Workshop for Clean Money Elections at the Capitol Room #016 from 9 a.m. to noon. Many more volunteers are needed during this next important year for various committees, and this workshop will help you understand the details and the needed work ahead.

At this time committees are working on drafting legislation to be presented to the 1999 Legislature. They are also formulating procedures with the Campaign Spending Commission for the study mandated by the 1998 Legislature (S2399)

This effort to enact meaningful campaign reform will be in high gear the remainder of this year. Some of the best news of the 1998 election was the fact that Massachusetts and Arizona passed Clean Money ballot initiatives. That makes four states including Maine and Vermont that have signed Clean Money/Clean Elections into law.

Marilyn Bornhorst, Devin Nordberg and Toni Worst will be attending the Public Campaign Clean Money Activist's Conference in St. Louis this month. Forty states will be sending representatives.

Grace Furukawa

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