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Annual General Membership Program Planning Meeting
President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
Revision of Land Use Ordinance Proposed (Astrid Monson)
Con Con / POC (Jean Aoki)
LWVUS Response to 60 Minutes (Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins)
HECO: 138-kv Project (Ruth Brantley)
Violence Prevention Committee Report (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Education Committee (Mary Anne Raywid)
Hawaii Clean Elections (Grace Furukawa)
Program Planning Sets the Course
Special Thanks to League Volunteers

Special Thanks to League Volunteers

Our special thanks go to all Leaguers who volunteered for election events this year. The number is too large to thank you individually, but you know who you are. You are the folk who sat in the lobbies of Condos and climbed numerous stairs in housing projects to register voters. You are those who spent days helping candidates prepare for and tape messages on Olelo. You are among those who put together a successful "Candidates' Forum" at Pohai Nani. You are the one's who walked the neighborhood and were the voices who polled voters on the Constitutional Amendments on the ballot. You are responsible for putting together a "BOE Voters' Guide" placing it on our WEB SITE and libraries on Oahu. You are the tireless phone-tree members who alerted us to important events. You are the monetary contributors to POC. Last, but not least, you are the individuals who communicated your thoughts to your family, friends, neighbors and whoever would listen.

Thank You.

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