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President's Message

On behalf of the Honolulu Board, I wish you all a Happy New Year. Our suit against the city continues, after being somewhat stalled by the holidays. Our attorney Bill Saunders is hoping to connect with the city's attorney's to attempt to have the courts determine the intent of the Charter as soon as possible. If the city cooperates, we may complete the case quickly and with the least cost. It is in the interest of both of us to do this.

Our Lawsuit has been approved for ED Fund 501(c)3 status so all contributions are tax deductible. Our thanks to all of you who have been so generous and hope others will also help. Make checks payable LWV-EF.

Our Planning Membership Meeting at the Waiole Tea Room last month was a success with 37 members attending. Jackie Young gave an inspirational talk about the Amendment on the same sex marriage issue. As you read in the Ka Leo Hana, league must now decide what position we will take on the domestic Partnership bill which will come up before the Legislature. Be sure you mail in, or phone in, as soon as possible, your response to what stand you believe league should take on this issue.

Honolulu League decided at this meeting against any new studies this year. Transportation will require a great deal of our attention, as the rail issue rears its head again. We would like to add to our committee members and Presidents urge any of you interested in this to call the League office.

At the state level, the issues of concern that were brought up were 1 ] effectiveness of the new ballots, 2] whether school vouchers might be considered for poor children in sub standard schools, and 3] a possible study of the judicial system in Hawaii.

We will be having a Consensus Meeting on the Mail In Ballot study, which is now complete. Expect to receive this in the mail before the proposed meeting on February 13, Saturday. Further information will be in the February Aloha Voter.

We look forward to an interesting and active 1999.

Grace Furukawa

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