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Riding a Dead Horse

Dakota tribal wisdom says that when you discover you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount. However, in government we often try other strategies with deal horses, including the following:

*Buy a stronger whip
*Change riders
*Say things like: "this is the way we have always ridden this horse"
*Appoint a committee to study the horse
*Arrange to visit other sites to see how they ride dead horses
*Appoint a quality action team to revive the dead horse
*Create a training session to in crease our riding ability
*Initiate a policy declaring that "This horse is NOT dead"
*Blame the horse's parents
*Harness several dead horses together for increased speed
*Declare that "No horse is too dead to beat"
*Form a quality circle to find uses for dead horses
*Revisit the performance requirements for horses
*Promote the dead horse to a supervisory position
*Proclaim the dead horse a "planned enhancement"

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