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President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
Nominating Committee Report for FY '99-2000 (Helen Griffin)
Bus Rapid Transit (Arlene Ellis)
Membership Orientation (Grace Furukawa)
Proposed Budget - FY 4/1/99 to 3/31/2000
Fight City Hall? (Robert M. Rees)

Membership Orientation

The orientation meeting for prospective and new members was held on January 30 at the League office. The agenda included an introduction of League policies and procedures, current programs of Honolulu League, as well as statewide issues of the State League board. Various committee chairs presented digests of the issues of current concern followed by lively discussion and questions.

Theresa Lau, Wendi Lau (current AAUW president), Shawna and Christian Soderstein and Dr. E. Blossom Wong left the "prospective member" list and was welcomed as new members.

Grace Furukawa
Chair Member Recruitment

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