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President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
Nominating Committee Report for FY '99-2000 (Helen Griffin)
Bus Rapid Transit (Arlene Ellis)
Membership Orientation (Grace Furukawa)
Proposed Budget - FY 4/1/99 to 3/31/2000
Fight City Hall? (Robert M. Rees)

President's Message

Marion Saunders, in her will, left the Honolulu League Education Fund $20,000.00 which we received with much gratitude. We can never express adequately how much we miss her. March is Woman's History Month and League hopes to publicize all her service to the community by developing a display honoring her at City Hall.

It is hard to focus on other issues during the Legislative session. Those involved in testifying on our positions, especially our State President, Jean Aoki, have been consistently busy reviewing bills, testifying at hearings and writing letters on League issues. Dot Bobilin, the President of Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling has been a constant presence at the legislature, standing guard on possible threats to maintain our gambling free status. Cockbreeding is the most current threat, and our members have been notified via our phone tree to contact Senators to vote against this bill. Cockbreeding can only be for fighting, which is cruel and for gambling, which is illegal. HI.CLEAN has also been visible testifying for all bills that will enhance our ultimate goal of public financing of campaigns.

Our suit against the city and the charter commission is in the courts. That suit and the suit the city has filed against us for our previous "frivolous" suits against them have not yet been heard. Bob Rees's article in the Honolulu Weekly, tells the story well.

Astrid Monson continues to work on the City's streamlining Bill for Land Use ordinances. We are very concerned about opportunity for public input.

Of special note:

  1. Our effort to get all email addresses from those of our members who have them. Please call the office (531-7448) or me at 988-3532

  2. Inform all members that our new computer has email whose address is voters@flex.com - not lwv@flex.com.

  3. Our Annual Meeting will be held on April 17, at Tree Tops Restaurant in Manoa. The speaker will be Richard Miller, Professor Emeritus of Law at U. H. who will speak on Privacy Issues. Please mark this day on your calendar.

Grace Furukawa

League of Women Voters of Honolulu

President - Grace Furukawa
Vice President - Janet Mason
Secretary - Betty Goodwin
Treasurer - Annie Kim
Editor - Arlene Ellis

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