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President's Message

Membership is the heart of any organization and particularly important for our league. Membership indicates an agreement with the basic principles of League and an appreciation and support of our policies, arrived at after study and consensus. Membership gives the League its financial support through contributions and manpower through member involvement in the activities of the League. Both are critical for League life. Our membership dues only pay for our obligations to national and State and the cost of mailing the Aloha Voter. The remainder of our expenses for the year are secured by our Vote Counts, which relies on member participation. Many of our members are unable to give time and energy, but support the League by contribution, phoning, and by enlarging our head count (important when we are asked how many people we represent.) To all our members the Board owes information about our activities, threats to our principles and policies, and explanations about our expenses. This we do through our monthly Aloha Voter and the membership meetings. The membership's responsibility to League is their participation in consensus and informing themselves about our activities and needs and contacting their political representatives when needed. This all members can do by phone.

Informing new members and prospective members about League and how we arrive at studies and policies is done twice a year by Orientation Meetings. Many new members join because of a concern in the community, or hearing about our activities in the community which interest them. To assist more of our less active members to participate while still at home, we have developed a phone tree, and for those with email, an e-mail tree, through which we can disseminate information and request action rapidly. This program needs to be developed more fully by requesting information from members about who their councilpersons, senators and representatives are. That way league can have a direct impact on those politicians we wish to influence, by requesting the members in the politician's district to call. This always gets his/her attention. I plan to dedicate more of my time this coming year to developing this and placing the information in our computer.

So to all our members, I want to thank you for your continued support, and I hope you will be patient with us as we request more information from you for this program. We don't seem to increase the number of members, but we do attract the most interesting and impressive people. What we hope with this new program is to keep in closer personal touch with our members. You are all important and we don't want to lose anyone through neglect.

Grace Furukawa

League of Women Voters of Honolulu

President - Grace Furukawa
Vice President - Janet Mason
Secretary - Betty Goodwin
Treasurer - Annie Kim
Editor - Arlene Ellis

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