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Americans Discuss Social Security

Do you want to have a say in the direction the Social Security program will take in the coming years?

State League has received a copy of the American Discuss Social Security (ADSS) campaign discussion kit. It includes the folder "Making Sense of Social Security: A Discussion Starter," the Discussion Leader Kit, and a video entitled "Discussion Leader Video Tape."

ADSS is a two-year project created and funded by the Pew Charitable trusts to educate and engage citizens in a nationwide conversation about the future of Social Security. During the past year, thousands of people across the country have met to discuss Social Security reform, through a nonpartisan discussion program developed by ADSS.

Our plan is to have a discussion session for a small group of interested Leaguers following the discussion guide and the information provided. Members who are interested can then plan for-similar sessions with other groups throughout the community. If you are interested in either participating in such a discussion and/or interested in initiating discussions in the community, please call the League office, or call mat 949-7457 in the evenings.

Another organization called Information Renaissance has begun a nonpartisan electronic national dialogue on Social Security. The dialogue began April 19,1999, and will continue for seven weeks. This program is intended to help the public understand social security issues. Through the Internet, American citizens are linked into a discussion with policy makers and subject experts. The introductory session began the week of April 19-April 23 at the following address on the web: www.network-democracy.org/socialsecurity.

Jean Aoki

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