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Brief Annual Meeting Report (Grace Furukawa)
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Brief Annual Meeting Report

President Grace Furukawa speaks at the Annual Meeting

The budget, reported in the last Voter, reflects our effort to cut expenses to the bone. Our Treasurer's Report noted we were in the red this year by about $15,000, largely because we lost the Neighborhood Board Vote Count. This was understandable given the City's relationship with the League. However, no vote counts means we must take from our savings to cover the deficit. We will need to do this next year also, because we don't anticipate any vote counts. Our big vote counts occur every three years and when this occurs, we put the extra in savings to help us during the lean years. The extremely lean budget for the next year was approved by the membership.

The membership also agreed not to recommend any new studies for the city. We have a great deal on our plate as it is. Our National League priority continues to be Making Democracy Work and we are doing well with our Campaign Finance Reform in cooperation with HI.CLEAN. We should, if possible take up an additional part of that large umbrella - Increasing Civic Participation in Government.

Grace Furukawa

Guest Speaker Dwayne Yoshima, Elections Chief answering questions about mail in voting at the Annual Meeting.

Attendees enjoyed the lively discussions at the Annual Meeting

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