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State Convention 1999 (Jean Aoki)
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Council Adopts New Zoning Ordinance (Astrid Monson)
Next Millennium Conference Ending Domestic Violence (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Violence Prevention Committee (Annelle Amaral)
In Memory - Sylvia Levy
Americans Discuss Social Security (Jean Aoki)
Just for Fun
LWV-Honolulu Officers and Committee Chairs

Just for Fun

Pop!ulation Press - Jan/Feb edition

BATS! The University of Florida, home of the famous Gators football team, boasts a "bat condominium," which houses more than 70,000 bats. The bat condo was built after Florida's governor complained that the new sports facility, recently completed, was already emitting the foul smell of bats. The condo, a 20' by 20' building on five 18-foot uprights, looks like a chic fishing cottage. Once the bats settled in, they reproduced rapidly. Now, not only are the bats not annoying anyone, but they've become the main mosquito control on campus; each night the bats consume millions of the mosquitoes that plague the area.

Also, the bat condo has become a tourist attraction. "They're drawing Gators fans before a game so they can watch the evening bat show," stated Danny Sheldon, one of the athletic directors. "Even off season, a crowd of 200 people or so shows up nightly." A new and bigger bat house is being built - big enough for 300,000 bats, with plenty of parking space for humans.

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