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State Convention 1999 (Jean Aoki)
President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
Welcome! (Annie Kim)
Brief Annual Meeting Report (Grace Furukawa)
Report on Mail-In Voting Consensus (Jean Aoki)
Council Adopts New Zoning Ordinance (Astrid Monson)
Next Millennium Conference Ending Domestic Violence (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Violence Prevention Committee (Annelle Amaral)
In Memory - Sylvia Levy
Americans Discuss Social Security (Jean Aoki)
Just for Fun
LWV-Honolulu Officers and Committee Chairs

Officers and Committee Chairs


President - Grace Furukawa

Vice President - Janet Mason

Secretary - Betty Goodwin

Treasurer - Annie Kim

Committee Chairs:

Neighborhood Boards - Evangeline Funk

Environment - Karen Ah Mai

Planning and Zoning - Michelle Matson
Mary Rose Me Clelland
Astrid Monson

Aloha Voter - Anna Hoover (elected for Schwartz)
Christiane Sodersten

Membership - Mary Jo Olson
Carol Whitesell

Vote Count - Arlene Ellis (Transportation)

(Voter Service - to be appointed)

Violence Prevention - Suzanne Meisenzahl

Web Page - Jackie Parnell

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