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State Convention 1999 (Jean Aoki)
President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
Welcome! (Annie Kim)
Brief Annual Meeting Report (Grace Furukawa)
Report on Mail-In Voting Consensus (Jean Aoki)
Council Adopts New Zoning Ordinance (Astrid Monson)
Next Millennium Conference Ending Domestic Violence (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Violence Prevention Committee (Annelle Amaral)
In Memory - Sylvia Levy
Americans Discuss Social Security (Jean Aoki)
Just for Fun
LWV-Honolulu Officers and Committee Chairs

In Memory

Sylvia Levy
1/28/15 - 4/7/99

Sylvia was a long time member of the League and frequently contributed her many talents to League, especially as a moderator at meetings and as a very active part of the Health Care Study done a few years ago. Sylvia worked most of her life in the State Department of Health and was most known for her development of health plans for the gap group. At the time this made Hawaii known across the country for covering most of our people with at least a minimum health plan. In her retirement, Sylvia worked writing grants for doctors giving dialysis to visitors so kidney patients could visit Hawaii and continue to receive dialysis. In the later years, in ill health, she continued to help League in any way she could, the last effort in 1998, urging and setting up registration of voters at Arcadia. We will miss her very much.

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