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State Convention 1999 (Jean Aoki)
President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
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Report on Mail-In Voting Consensus (Jean Aoki)
Council Adopts New Zoning Ordinance (Astrid Monson)
Next Millennium Conference Ending Domestic Violence (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Violence Prevention Committee (Annelle Amaral)
In Memory - Sylvia Levy
Americans Discuss Social Security (Jean Aoki)
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LWV-Honolulu Officers and Committee Chairs

President's Message

The President's message this month is really a little recap about our relations with the City. Sometimes it feels we spent the whole year in disputes with the City about the Charter Commission, the Mayor's reorganization plan and his planning "vision" for the City. Much that we worked so hard for in planning and zoning is again at risk. We keep trying to fight City Hall and it seems we are not making much headway. Our "vision" for the future will be the continuing fight to keep development within the scope of the General Plan and to oppose any attempts to limit citizen participation in the process. In addition, we anticipate once again, an attempt to initiate a rail system in Honolulu. Our "vision" in this area continues to be a rapid bus transit system.

Our new Aloha Voter chairs have computerized the Voter. We continue to print the Voter in the office to save money.

This year we must be careful about spending, since we will need to depend on our past savings for a large part of our operating expenses (see Annual Meeting Report). It will not be until 2001 that we can anticipate large vote counts.

Grace Furukawa

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