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Violence Prevention Committee

By the time you read this, the hurly-burly of the Legislature will be over and done. The bills relating to violence against women continue perplex us.

At last check on April 20th, the Concurrent Resolution on a Death Review Task Force is still pending in the Senate. The original bill HB 590 was to establish a protocol for the development and implementation of death review teams to review any adult domestic violence and sexual assault related death. Now, the Resolution is to establish a task force to look into the creation of a Death Review Protocol Bills relating to Domestic Violence witnessed by minors is still alive and moving as is SB 829 Relating to Rules of Evidence by not allowing prior sexual history in evidence for a victim of sexual harassment.

However, as is usually the case, the greatest concern near the end of session is funding. HB 955 Relating to Funding is the operating budget for the Criminal Injuries Commission. To date, they are having difficulty getting this bill through the House. The Criminal Injuries Commission provides compensation to victims of crime, most of whom are women. Part of the funding in this bill is matched by federal government. It is critical to the survival of the agency that this measure pass.

In addition, SB 1158 Relating to the appropriation of funds for Victims of Crime is in trouble and we are working to get this passed.

Certainly, there were many other bills being monitored by the Women's Coalition. But there is not enough space to deal with them all. Hats off to the Coalition and to Allicyn Tasaka, Exec. Director of the State Commission on the Status of Women.

Regarding our specific task, the committee has not met again to work on the Coordinated Community Response because many of the providers and committee members are tied up at the Legislature. The committee will meet on May 11th at the League office at 12:00 noon. We will assess the status of our work at that time. Please join us.

Annelle C. Amaral

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