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President's Message

The National League's priority program this year is under the broad umbrella "Making Democracy Work." This study item has many sections, one of which is Campaign Finance Reform. Our League has been remarkably active as part of the coalition HI-CLEAN in this issue. Other aspects include attempts to increase voter participation and diversity. "Making Democracy Work" also includes involving citizens in understanding complex problems and making recommendations to lawmakers.

Social Security is one of those problems. Anyone who reads the papers knows that we are facing a serious problem in Social Security shortly after the year 2000. Reform will be seriously considered in Congress during the next two years. The League and a group called Americans Discuss Social Security(ADSS), financed by the Pew Charitable Trusts, are urging citizens all over the country to review the problems of Social Security. They are urging small groups to meet and make recommendations. ADSS provides excellent materials free of charge plus discussion videos.

The League already has a consensus on Social Security: "The League of Women Voters supports a federal role in providing mandatory, universal, old age survivors, disability and health insurance. "Therefore it is a natural for League to be part of the national dialogue when Social Security reform measures are under consideration.

Currently there are 13 possible solutions proposed to address the crisis. There may also be a combination of one or more solutions. In the month of August, I will be conducting a group seminar on Social Security. If this is successful, it may be possible to have more meetings with Leaguers or meetings in combination with other organizations. The more people who participate in the solution, the more fair and acceptable the solution will be. I expect this meeting will be toward the end of August. The August Aloha Voter will contain more details about the meeting and the issues.

Grace Furukawa

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