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U.S. Trade Policy

Request From Temporarily and Reluctantly Acting-State President, Toni Worst, 6/2/99:

Seattle League is promoting a call for revisitation of the LWVUS position on US Trade Policy (est. 1973) at the 2000 National convention.

They note: "Of particular concern: intellectual property issues and the destabilizing effects of rapid capital flow in and out of countries. Environmental and Human Rights groups are especially concerned that the expansion of trade will take precedence over their interests." Issues involving GATT, NAFTA, WTO, etc. may need updating, too.

My question: Are any of you interested in working on/learning more about this issue? Seattle can send us their study materials if there are people here who want to take up this all. I will ask them to mail us a study copy, but only if one or more members respond with interest.

Call me at the League office at 531.7448 or email me at .

Toni Worst

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