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Is Social Security Secure

August 22 • Sat. • 9 AM
League Office

RSVP your attendance to the League Office at 531.7448.

The League of Women Voters of the US is encouraging all local Leagues to discuss social security reform. This important issue will be the focus of intense congressional debate during the next few years. While social security is not a legislative priority for the League this year, it is being watched closely by the national League because we have a long-standing position on this issue. The position is clear – The League of Women Voters supports a federal role in providing mandatory, universal, old age, survivors, disability and health insurance. At the time the position was formed, the League was opposed to any form of privatizing social security.

We have excellent materials prepared and paid for by a group called "Americans Discuss Social Security" which is funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts. These are designed to help League members understand the complex issues and problems and be prepared to participate in devising a possible social security solution for the long term.

Of particular interest is a review of what social security means to women. Consider the following: 1) Women live longer than men. 2) Women earn less than men. 3) Women in retirement rely on Social Security for most of their income. 4) Women are primary family caregivers. 5) Women are less likely than men to earn pension benefits.

There are at least 13 reform options presented for the preservation of social security. It is important for groups around the country to study and understand the issues and make recommendations to lawmakers. This is League at its best. A solution understood and backed by citizens is more likely to be embraced and enacted.

During our meeting August 22 Saturday at 9 AM in the League office, we will attempt to give a fresh look at the various options proposed for reform and to review our position as it stands now. We would appreciate a call to the office by those interested in attending the meeting. If there are enough members interested, other places and times can be scheduled.

Grace Furukawa

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