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Violence Prevention

You may already know that the Attorney General's office & the University of Hawai'I School of Social Work released a report on Restraining Orders sought in the City and County of Honolulu. Both Suzanne and I are attending the meeting to announce the results of this report. The primary work was conducted by Martha Ross and Valli Kanuha. We send kudos to both of them for their excellent work. A copy of the report is available at the League office or you can download the information from the Crime Prevention and Justice Assistance Division Web site: www.cpa.ag.state.hi.us.

The report made 8 specific recommendations. Of special note, however, are the recommendations for (1) advocates and services in District Court similar to those provided by the Adult Services Branch of Family Court; (2) the development of the nationally recognized coordinated community response-type model; and (3) consistent training, policies, and procedures for judges in assessing appropriate domestic violence intervention. These recommendations mirror the League's position and we heartily support their implementation. We hope that we can inspire others to support these recommendations.

It is our understanding that the Attorney General is reviewing grant proposals for a Coordinated Community Response at this time. We will await their decision on this matter.

The Attorney General's office, in response to House Concurrent Resolution 65 has formed a working group to identify the gaps in services for domestic violence on the island of O'ahu. They will have their first draft available for comment on October 15. I am a member of the working group. Please contact me if you have an interest in responding at 527 8021.

Should you have any questions or issues you want to raise, on violence prevention in general, please call the League office and let us know. Our Violence Prevention Committee will continue to work on " First Response" issues and develop a strategy from these discussions. We will have a meeting of the committee on August 19 at the League office at 12 noon.

Annelle Amaral
Violence Prevention Committee Co-Chair

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