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Development Plan Revision Process Well Underway
President's Message - Conflict Resolution Meeting (Grace Furukawa)
In Memory / New Members / Contributions
Hawaii Clean Elections Hires Executive Director
Very Special Congratulations and Aloha
Agenda for the Nation on Violence Against Women

In Memory

Desmond Byrne

Long time League member and chair of the Honolulu Chapter of the watchdog group Common Cause died August 3. League and Common Cause frequently worked in concert for the sunshine law and to defend the right of every citizen to know how tax money is spent and what elected officials are doing. Our sympathy to his wife Jo, also a member of the League. We shall all miss him very much.

Mary Thelma Schmitz Gasper

Passed away September 12, 1999 at the age of 74

Welcome New Members!

Sue Parry
Laure Dillon
Representative Brian Schatz

Mahalo for your Contributions!

Marylucia Arace
JoAnn Maruoka
Grace Furukawa
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