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President's Message
Our Planning Meeting

Along with hosting a very interesting speaker, the December 11th membership meeting is a time for Program Planning. We ask our members to consider possible studies or specific emphasis on our existing programs, particularly for the local level - Honolulu. Some important questions or studies on the state or national level are also considered. These last, if requested, are considered by the Honolulu Board and, if it agrees, are referred to the State Convention.

We have received requests from other states to urge the National League to adopt various studies or programs at their convention in June 2000. All these proposal< may be discussed at our planning meeting.

The League's credibility in the community is based on our pro and con studies of issues. When completed we then decide whether to support, reject, or take no stand on certain issues. When we do adopt a position, we follow up with lobbying and public education. Every step of the way involves hard work on :he part of the committee - and ,titer the membership. New study items often mean a need for extra funding.

Our program - education and advocacy - focuses on public policy issues and is directed toward government action. That action could include passage of laws; promulgation of regulations and policies; provision of adequate budgets and staffing; enforcement of laws and regulations; planning and citizen involvement.

When considering selection of an issue we need to review the following questions:

  • Which issues are of vital concern to our members and significant portions of our community that also demand attention?
  • Which issues will benefit from the Leagues special expertise or perspective?
  • Is there a real possibility that working on this issue can bring about positive change?
  • Will working on this issue give the League opportunities to collaborate with other groups and individuals?

Please come to the December 11th meeting with ideas and suggestions. The League is a grassroots organization whose concerns start at the local level.

Grace Furukawa
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