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Transportation – Here We Are Again!

A public meeting on transportation was held on 10/29/99 at Washington Intermediate School at which time the same song and dance we were subjected to 10 years ago was presented ad nauseam. For an hour before the public was allowed to speak exhibits were displayed across the auditorium. Questionnaires were available to the public, each presuming the In-Town Transit system would be a reality.

When finally allowed to speak, League commented as follows:

  1. Speed – The few minutes saved by the In-Town Transit can now be accomplished by utilizing the in-house capability of traffic signal preemption at intersections by buses and emergency vehicles; skipping bus stops which is being proven by city express busses; and by providing an exclusive bus lane. This can be done without spending hundreds of millions of dollars constructing rails, placing electricity underground, and buying new tram cars.
  2. Capacity – We've waited over 10 years for articulated buses that can carry twice the current capacity in the long-line express buses as well as city buses. They would not only carry more riders each trip but afford the comfort of seats with fewer standees and fewer people left at stops. After neglecting this concept for years, now this is being touted as the means for increasing capacity – articulated trams. Was there method behind this madness? Since pro-railers of yesteryears are now in charge – well?
  3. Conclusion – Rather than subjecting current travelers to traffic disruptions (for years) by digging up our major streets to construct rail and underground electric city transit and end up losing two lanes on streets for an auto-oriented society, why not enhance the current highly successful mass transit system – THEBUS – with the suggestions listed above at far less money and far less disruption and headaches for out citizens?

Arlene Ellis
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