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March 2001
President's Message (Marian Wilkins)
Annual Meeting
Vote Counts
Nominating Committee
Proposed Budget 2001-2002
Proposed Program 2001-2002
Pros and Cons for Creating Two Leagues

Nominating Committee

The composition of the Committee has changed. Current members are Marni Herkes, Sue Irvine, and Mary Stuart. The following members have been nominated:

Marian Wilkins and Alberta Lindsay, Co-Presidents
Lois Cecil, First Vice-President Gail Laros, Secretary
Mary Stuart, Assistant Secretary
Sue Dursin, Program Chair, West Hawaii
Mary Stuart, Program Chair, East Hawaii

(Note: Sue Irvine, Treasurer, and Sue Dursin, Second Vice-President, are completing their second years of two-year terms.)

Board members for 2 years:
Marilyn Idemoto, Gambling Chair
Maiden Temple, Voter Chair
Dorothy Doudna

Off-board members:
Helen Hemmes, Membership Chair
Julie Jacobson, Campaign Finance Chair

Nominating Committee:
Marni Herkes, Chair
Jeanette Libert

In the event we decide to divide into two groups, each of the above members will be nominated to the named office for her respective group, rather than for the island-wide League, and further officers and board members will be recruited.

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