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March 2001
President's Message (Marian Wilkins)
Annual Meeting
Vote Counts
Nominating Committee
Proposed Budget 2001-2002
Proposed Program 2001-2002
Pros and Cons for Creating Two Leagues

Proposed Program 2001-2002

The Board met on February 24, 2001 and voted to propose the following Program for the next year. New language is italized.

  1. Continue action on domestic violence.

  2. Support extension of Shoreline Access in Hawai'i County.

  3. Continue action on gambling.

  4. Continue study of the Mauna Kea Science Reserve and its uses.

  5. To protect our watersheds and other natural resources, we support the maintenance and reforestation of Hawaii Island lands.

  6. Continue support for full initiative rights to citizens in Hawai'i County. Initiative should include any and all matters that citizens may wish to place upon the ballot, including land use decisions.

  7. Continue to support a pamphlet of information on election issues and candidates.

  8. Study forms of local governance.

  9. Fluoridation. Lois Kiehl authorized to commence a study.

NOTE: The Board recommends that the language in our present Program, item 5, be changed from "Endorsed Reforestation of state lands in mauka Kona in co-operation with local schools and state foresters" to that stated above.

The Board believes that in item 7 above, a Voter Guide should be a State responsibility that we support.

The Board recommends that the following present Program items be deleted:

  • Non-Partisan elections (already passed last November)

  • Felix Consent Decree (beyond the scope of League)

  • Long term care (unless Virginia Isbell or some other member will chair the committee)


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