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March 2001
President's Message (Marian Wilkins)
Annual Meeting
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Nominating Committee
Proposed Budget 2001-2002
Proposed Program 2001-2002
Pros and Cons for Creating Two Leagues

Pros and Cons for Creating Two Leagues


  • Board and members need not travel to Waimea or to the "other side" of the island for meetings.

  • Officers could spend less time communicating with those on the "other side" and devote more time to strengthening their local League.

  • Full attention of each group could be focused on local issues.

  • Money raised by each group could be used entirely for and by that group, without commingling funds.

  • More people could be involved as board members and officers.


  • We have experienced difficulty finding enough people to serve as officers and board members for one group, much less two.

  • An island-wide League promotes communication and discussion of County issues.

  • Both sides of the island benefit from sharing insights and having closer contact and access to the "other side's" elected officials and government employees.

  • West Hawaii depends on the East Hawaii's immediate access to County government.

  • Conflicting positions or misstatements may arise from two Leagues on the island reaching different positions and taking action.

  • Two different sources of input from League, even if not contradictory, may be confusing to County officials or to the public.

  • An island-wide League better integrates members who do not live in Hilo or Kona.

  • Administrative expenses will be duplicated and will be higher to operate two Leagues.

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