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March 2002
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Can the state of Hawaii afford costs of casino gaming? (Joanne Ralston)
Remarks by Mary Anne Raywid, Ph.D. (Mary Anne Raywid)


The Kona unit sponsored a public meeting on gambling on January 11, 2002. The meeting was planned in great haste after we found out that Dr. Tom Grey, Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling would be in Honolulu and could come to Kona. We had already planned to have Joanne Ralston (see page 4 for her "Viewpoint" article from West Hawaii Today) speak at a later date and fortunately both speakers were able to be present, with Marni Herkes serving as our very able moderator.

We were amazed at the large crowd that attended on a Friday at mid-afternoon, packing the meeting room at Hale Halawai. The meeting was very successful and we received great press coverage in West Hawaii Today and Hawaii Island Journal.

To reach out to a broader section of the community, we invited several people in leadership positions in Kona to attend a luncheon with our speakers before the public meeting. We found very little support for legalized gambling, with the police and teachers union in opposition. The only major organization that spoke in favor was the ILWU.

The public meeting was videotaped and copies provided to our local public access television channels, thanks to Sue Dursin and Michele Wilkins. The tape has been edited to 45 minutes and is available from Sue Dursin.

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