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March 2002
Annual Meeting - April 27, 2000
Vote Count
Evening with Mayor Harry Kim
East Hawaii Meeting
West Hawaii Activities
Proposed Budget 2002-2003
Can the state of Hawaii afford costs of casino gaming? (Joanne Ralston)
Remarks by Mary Anne Raywid, Ph.D. (Mary Anne Raywid)

Vote Count

Vote counts are a major fund raising effort for our League and sure beat bake sales! The Kona unit will be counting ballots for the Waikoloa Village Association (WVA) on Friday and Saturday, March 15 & 16th. We need lots of help. Any amount of time you can volunteer will be greatly appreciated.

Members also are needed to attend a meeting in Waikoloa on Sunday, March 17th, 4 - 6 p.m. to help with the election at the WVA annual meeting.

To volunteer, please call Marian Wilkins, 325-6116.

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