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September 2005
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North and South Kona Community Development Plans
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Community Development Plans

Attachment B to Minutes for General Meeting, August 20, 2005)

August 19, 2005

Hi All,

I'm sorry I am unable to attend Saturday's meeting, but I want to provide you with a bit of information regarding the County of Hawaii's new Program to develop Community Development Plans (CDPs) for the Island of Hawaii.

This was triggered by the passage of the General Plan last February that states that Community Development Plans will be prepared for different regions around the island and adopted by Ordinance.

To get the program moving, the Planning Department has budgeted $750,000 of funds provided by the County Council. The Director of Planning decided that since $750,000 isn't enough to address Plans island-wide, the County will initiate CDPs in areas with the greatest need. Therefore, a Request for Proposal was released some months ago to hire a consultant to prepare a North and South Kona Community Plan. They are also initiating a proposal to do a Puna Community Plan.

Wilson-Okimoto, a Honolulu Consultant firm, was hired by the County to begin the Kona Plan. So far, no real work has begun. The General Plan also requires that a Community Steering Committee be set up to assist in facilitating public input into the CDPs. So far a Kona Steering Committee hasn't been established. The General Plan does not specify how many people will be included in each Steering Committee. The process is intended to put a lot of focus on receiving public input. How this will be accomplished has not yet been identified. The Program also specifies that CDPs been result-based. Instead of identifying broad visions and policies, CDPs are supposed to stress Implementation: what does the community need/ want and how can it be achieved?

The County Department of Research and Development is charged with organizing public meetings and facilitation to gather public input. They are looking for more folks to serve as facilitators. So, if the LWV has members who wish to serve as faciltators at Community meetings, please contact the Department of Research and Development. They are willing to provide some facilitation training for interested individuals who wish to serve the community in this capacity.

Regarding the Kona Plan, my concern is that Kona is too big and diverse to be served by one Community Development Plan. My own opinion is that we need an Urban Plan and a Rural Plan. Kailua-Kona and the areas towards the airport that are designated in the General Plan as future urban and commercial development regions have needs that are different from Mauka and South Kona needs. It occurred to me that maybe the Steering Committee could be divided to such a way as to serve both needs.

This is a big issue. I don't know what is going on with the Puna Plan. In the other regions of the island, the County wants to begin getting the communities ready to begin their own Plans, to begin as funds become available.

All for now. Maybe the Kona LWVs folks in Kona need to meet to discuss the Kona Plan?

Nancy Pisicchio

(End of Attachment B.)

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