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September 2005
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North and South Kona Community Development Plans
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Kona Community Development Plan

August 25, 2005


At the last LWV meeting in Honokaa, I was asked to investigate what has happened to the forward movement of the Kona Community Development Plan (KCDP) and let Kona members know. The Hawai`i County General Plan calls for regional plans for each district. The General Plan is on the Hawai`i County website, all 300 pages of it.

As you may remember, the Hawai`i County Council appropriated money for the Hawai`i County Planning Department to do regional plans for each Council district. The Kona judicial district is to go first and a Request for Proposals (RFP) was developed to hire a consultant to shepard the regional plan along. The RFP is available on the Hawai`i County website, look under Planning Department. and this describes the Kona District Plan boundaries (North and South Kona) and effort.

The county advertised and then chose a consultant(s) on June 17, 2005, the engineering firm of Wilson Okamoto from Honolulu with others.

It looks like the process is moving again. The Hawai`i County Planning Department is following the guidelines for a Steering Committee that are in the General Plan. They are working on expanding and explaining the guidelines and may have something definitive by the middle of September. The public notice and application for the Steering Committee has been released. Applications are being accepted by the Hawaii County Planning Department and the mayor will make the final appointments.

The Hawaii County Research and Development Department, under Jane Testa, will be assembling a facilitation team to conduct all the Steering Committee meetings for all the Community Development Plans. Jane would like to use League of Women Voters island-wide and has asked us to volunteer. Call Nancy Pisicchio, 322-3118, or Jane Testa, 961-8366, to volunteer.

The Community Development Plan (CDP), as explained in Chapter 15.1 of the Hawaii County General Plan, is intended to be the forum for community input into managing growth and coordinating the delivery of government services to a community.

Each Community Development Plan shall have a steering committee composed of members appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the Council. The members shall be broadly representative of the affected communities. Applications for the steering committee are being developed by the Planning Department and will be widely circulated. Check the Hawaii County website: www.co.hawaii.hi.us/directory/dir_plan.htm and you may be able to download an application. Or call 327 3510 for the Planning Department.

The steering committee shall work in conjunction with the Planning Department and with any professional consultants hired to assist in preparation of the plan. The plan must identify appropriate governmental actions that include regulatory actions, incentive measures, acquisition actions, capital budgeting actions, programs and development/ redevelopment.

The CDP goes to the Planning Commission and then, with its recommendation, to the County Council for adoption.

This should get us started and will give you some documentation to go forward. Do look at the General Plan (15.1) and the Kona Community Development Plan and, even if you do not want to volunteer, plan to have comments on what you would like to see.

Marni Herkes

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