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September 2005
President's Message (Marianna Scheffer)
Legislative Advocates (Andrea Dean)
Drug Court (Marni Herkes)
County Public Access, Open Space and Natural Resource... Commission
LWV of Hawai'i Country Member Roster
Vote Count in October
LWV of Hawaii County Minutes of General Meeting 8/20/05 (Maiden Temple)
Treasurer's Report 8/10/05 (Sue Irvine)
Community Development Plans (Nancy Pisicchio )
Kona Community Development Plan (Marni Herkes)
North and South Kona Community Development Plans
Facilitators Wanted (Andrea Dean)

Legislative Advocates

The Hawaii Island LWV will be working more closely with our elected representatives this legislative season through Legislative Advocates. The Legislative Advocates will meet with the elected representatives in their districts at the County and State levels. At each meeting, the LWV representative will discuss the LWV priorities, listen to the legislative priorities of the elected official and ascertain where we can work together to achieve our objectives.

The following people have either volunteered (or been volunteered.) Please let me know (andrea@hawaiipacific.net or 889-5806) if you DO NOT want to be on a team or if you DO and you are not on the list. Time is of the essence, as we hope to have these meetings by the end of October.

SOUTH KONA - KA'U TEAM: Sue Dursin, Nancy Pisicchio, Tammy Rouleau

LEGISLATORS: Jacobson, Herkes, Kokubun, Hale

NORTH KONA TEAM: David Holzman, Tom Payette, Marian Wilkins

LEGISLATORS: Pilago, Isbell, Whalen, Green, Evans

NORTH KOHALA - HAMAKUA TEAM: Andrea Dean, Karin Hazelhoff

LEGISLATORS: Hoffman (Andrea), Holschuh (Karin), Inouye, Takamine

HILO TEAM: Lois Cecil, Marianna Scheffer, Sue Irvine, Marie Alvarenga , Barbra Green, Trudi Zelko

LEGISLATORS: Inouye (Marianna), Donald Ikeda and Tsuji (Lois), James Arakaki, Stacy Higa, Gary Safarik, Helene Hale (Sue)

Andrea Dean

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