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January 2006
President's Message (Marianna Scheffer)
Sunshine Week (Marianna Scheffer)
Impact Fees
Legislative Advocates (Marianna Scheffer)
LWV-Hawaii County - Minutes for General Meeting - 10/8/05 (Maiden Temple)
Hawaii County LWV Board Meeting - 12/9/05 (Marilyn Ednie)
LWV of Hawai'i County Member Roster
New LWV Website (Andrea Dean)
Legislative Advocates Interviews

Legislative Advocates

In 2005 we interviewed legislators with an eye to establishing rapport between the League and our County and State Representatives. This has been an excellent way to learn where they stand on issues. We were not able to reach everyone, and it has been difficult to coordinate our findings, so we need to work on these aspects of Legislative Advocates.

In the coming year we will start sooner with Legislative Advocates, make sure we contact all legislators, and follow-up better. But, for starters, this is not bad. The interviewers wrote a summary or report of their interviews, which are printed at the end of this issue. Thanks to everyone involved for all their hard work on this project.

Marianna Scheffer

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