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January 2006
President's Message (Marianna Scheffer)
Sunshine Week (Marianna Scheffer)
Impact Fees
Legislative Advocates (Marianna Scheffer)
LWV-Hawaii County - Minutes for General Meeting - 10/8/05 (Maiden Temple)
Hawaii County LWV Board Meeting - 12/9/05 (Marilyn Ednie)
LWV of Hawai'i County Member Roster
New LWV Website (Andrea Dean)
Legislative Advocates Interviews

Hawaii County League of Women Voters
Board Meeting

Friday, December 9, 2005
Tex Drive-In, Honoka'a, Hawai'i

Editor's Note: The following minutes are printed as submitted and have not been edited.

Present: President Marianna Scheffer, Vice President Barbra Green, Treasurer Sue Irvine, Pat Stokfa, John Buckstead, Marian and George Wilkins, Sue Dursin, Virginia Isbell, Phil and Julie Mink, Lois Cecil, Andrea Dean, Marilyn Ednie, Secretary.

Minutes of last meeting were not available

Treasurer's report: total expenses actual $3,133.91; budgeted $6,462.; total assets $6,906.67; liabilities 0.

Old Business:

Summaries of the interviews with County Council members and legislators were given, refer to handouts prepared by our interviewers. It was decided this information would be used to inform our members and for use with our point people in lobbying, etc. Lois made mention, make sure your comments are dated and send them back for correction to legislatures you interviewed. We may use comments in our newletter and in lobbying, such as universal health care. Make available to our members so they will be informed on issues of interest.

Web site: Andrea reported they are working on state wide coverage, coming out for comments in a couple of days. Will be able to log in, post a story or comments, static or interactive site.

Clean elections know called "Voter Owned Elections Hawaii".

Arizona, Maine, CT, HI active. New bill to be introduced for public funding for just the state house races. Andrea reported Jan. 17 in legislature they will be speaking on this subject. Andrea and Lois are the point people for this conference, call Monday 8 am. strategy for organizing this subject.

New business:

Sunshine law, Marianna read letter stating $250 is available locally during Sunshine Law Week, March 12-18.

LWV will write and state our stand and support the Sunshine Law. Sunshine Law week a speaker is coming to educate. Forum on all islands, $1,000 national pass throu grant.

Les Kondo running the Office of Information, get him to speak.

Andrea reported as our Coqui Point person: Any community in our county can apply for a county grant of up to $5,000 per community for help in eradicating Cogui frogs. Call Karen Shiroma at 961-8065 and ask her to mail you the application. Ten more sprayers are available, nine more are coming. Mayor Kim asked the state legislature for $2mi and was given $400,000. Get the word out that this help is available.

Marian reported Maiden Temple will let out newsletter via email to members on roster.

General meeting is January 14, 11:30 Tex Drive-In, Honokaa. Guest speaker is Carolyn Stewart of Marine and Coastal Solutions International. She says there will have to be policy changes at the state and county levels to facilitate innovative stormwater and wastewater management techniques. She will also inform us about the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Marianna asks for suggestions for April meeting.

Your secretary will be wrapped up with three grandchildren from Maryland plus three offspring with spouses on Jan. 14. Please someone step up to the plate and take minutes. Mahalo.

See you in February.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn Ednie

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