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January 2006
President's Message (Marianna Scheffer)
Sunshine Week (Marianna Scheffer)
Impact Fees
Legislative Advocates (Marianna Scheffer)
LWV-Hawaii County - Minutes for General Meeting - 10/8/05 (Maiden Temple)
Hawaii County LWV Board Meeting - 12/9/05 (Marilyn Ednie)
LWV of Hawai'i County Member Roster
New LWV Website (Andrea Dean)
Legislative Advocates Interviews

New LWV Website

At long last, I have redone the State LWV website to encompass the State and all the County Leagues. Before the official launch, I would like you all to take a test run through the site. I beg (and I do mean “beg”) you to do the following:

Log on to the test site at:

Please click through ALL the links and let me know if something does not work or is strange or incorrect. I do know that the site itself is small and not centered on the computer screen, I am working on this.

In addition, you will see this on the home page: Enter our Community Voices site Join in on-line discussion forums, post your own stories and start a blog. This is our new fully interactive site. PLEASE create a username and password for yourself and CREATE some content. Add an item to the calendar, post a story, start a blog, comment on a news story, comment on one of our stories. You can see how easy and useful this is.

Thank you for your patience, but these things do take time. I have made the effort to create a site that our members and others could actually use. If we become active by posting content, then the site will become "alive." Please help get the ball rolling by logging in and playing around.

Andrea Dean

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