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April 2007
President's Report, Spring 2007 (Marianna Scheffer)
Notice of Annual Meeting
Publicly-Funded Elections (Sue Dursin)
Report from the 2007 Nominating Committee (Marian Wilkins)
Treasurer's Report / Proposed Budget April 2007
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State Convention
Vote Count (Marian Wilkins)
Kona Meeting (Marian Wilkins)
Minutes - LWV Hawaii County - March 10, 2007 (Maiden Temple)
D.C. Voting Rights - Part I (Sue Irvine)
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Washington, D.C. Voting Rights

Minutes - LWV Hawaii County - March 10, 2007


League of Women Voters

Saturday, March 10, 2007 10 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.

Neighborhood Place of Kona, Kailua-Kona

PRESENT: Marni Herkes, Kay Kaneko, Lois Kiehl, Maiden Temple, George Wilkins, Marian Wilkins. Guests: Teresa Bowers, Lei Kihoi.

I. Welcome and Introductions 10:25 a.m.

II. Guest Speaker Lei Kihoi informed us about the Governor’s West Hawai'i Advisory Council, of which she is a member. She described the Council serving to find out the needs of the people and transmitting the information to the Governor. As the “eyes and ears” of the Governor, the Council meets in different communities and can get things done because the Governor listens and is responsive. During the discussion, three major issues were raised and Kihoi promised to convey the following to the Council:

  1. With development encroaching, how do we ensure public access to State land, when it is landlocked by property owned by private parties, to comply with the court's ruling in the PASH case?

  2. We believe we need a public hearing on the application by two private land developers to tap the Waiaha well, which, if granted, would deplete the resources of that well.

  3. We want a university in West Hawaii. It appears necessary for the Governor to make the decision on where and to prevent the sale of land allotted for the West Hawaii campus.

III. Announcements

  1. The Annual meeting will be held on May 5, 2007 at Tex Drive In.

  2. M. Wilkins announced a vote count on April 12-14 for Waikoloa Village.

IV. Minutes of the January 13, 2007 meeting were reviewed.

V. Old Business

  1. M. Wilkins reported that the group working on the Initiative and Referendum wording has been researching other states’ and counties’ language and procedures, with the goal of talking to the County Council members and simplifying the procedure and language. Although addressed as one subject, they are very different: “initiative” is the process in which language is initiated by the people to create a law and “referendum” is the process in which the people approve or disapprove a law already passed by a legislative body. Both have time limits. In other states, annual voting occurs, but in Hawai'i, we vote every two years, which is too long for either initiative or referendum. This is an argument for voting by mail.

  2. Temple reported the revision of the County Handbook has been put on hold because the County Clerk has plans to revise it and suggested that League might want to prepare a handbook for the executive branch of the county government. Herkes pointed out that the next Charter Commission is in 2010 and we will need a booklet with the arrangement of County agencies.

  3. Herkes up-dated us on the status of the Kona Community Development Plan. See www.hawaiiislandplan.com

VI. New Business

Vote-by-Mail appears to be an issue we are all interested in. M. Wilkins was invited to speak on Kauai at their League Annual Meeting on the topic. She reported there is considerable new information since the State League voted on consensus on this topic, especially from Oregon.

Adjournment: 12:10

Prepared by Maiden Temple

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