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April 2007
President's Report, Spring 2007 (Marianna Scheffer)
Notice of Annual Meeting
Publicly-Funded Elections (Sue Dursin)
Report from the 2007 Nominating Committee (Marian Wilkins)
Treasurer's Report / Proposed Budget April 2007
Proposed Program for 2007-08
Initiative / Referendum (Sue Dursin)
Candidate Forums (Sue Dursin)
State Convention
Vote Count (Marian Wilkins)
Kona Meeting (Marian Wilkins)
Minutes - LWV Hawaii County - March 10, 2007 (Maiden Temple)
D.C. Voting Rights - Part I (Sue Irvine)
D.C. Voting Rights - Part II (Marianna Scheffer)
Washington, D.C. Voting Rights

Publicly-Funded Elections

Clean elections (a.k.a. "voter-owned elections") took a step forward in February when the Hawai'i County Council passed a resolution supporting public funding of elections. League members from around the island testified for the measure and were pleased when it passed.

At the state level, HB661 passed over to the Senate but was not given a hearing by Senator Clayton Hee, Judiciary Chair. In a final effort, proponents pushed for the wording "clean elections for County races" to be inserted in HB1130 and SB1068. The rationale was that it would be a coup if the concept could be initiated at the county level, where most candidates would be happy to avoid the efforts of fund raising and the appearance of obligation that ensues. As of March 29th, both bills had been deferred, without amendments.

Thank you to Andrea Dean, who has provided valuable leadership on this issue.

Sue Dursin

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