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President's Message
LWVHC Runs Charter School Conversion Election (Sue Irvine)
Testimony on County Code of Ethics (Helen Hemmes)
Members Approve Dues Increase (Donna Oba)
Update: Charter Article 15 - Initiation of Amendments and Revisions (Sue Dursin)
Vote Counts in West Hawaii (Marian Wilkins)
LWV Hawaii County Annual General Meeting 4-10-10 (Margaret Drake)
Update: Hawaii County Charter Commission (Sue Dursin)
LWVHC By-Law Amendments - Adopted April 10, 2010
Update on Act 244: Comprehensive Public Campaign Funding (Sue Dursin)
2010 Election Calendar
State and National Conventions
Anti-Gambling Results (Sue Dursin)

LWV Hawaii County Annual General Meeting 4-10-10

Attending: Helen Hemmes, Sue Irvine, Jean Aoki, Alberta Lindsay, Leilani Crelly-Bronson, Helene Hale, Marianna Scheffer, Margaret Drake, Sue Dursin, Gail Laros, Sandy Wexler (guest), Marni Herkes, Sara Burgess, Saramae Landers, Ann Gomez, Gia Almeida (guest), Michael Rohr, Donna Oba, Marian Wilkins, George Wilkins, Ramona Gamayo, Anne Field-Gomes, Eden Marie Pearl,

President Helen Hemmes started the meeting at 11:00 am with a unison reading of:

Our Mission of Statement: The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy through education and advocacy.

Helen Hemmes introduced our speaker’s presentation “Reflections on 90 Years LWV” by Jean Aoki, former Hawaii State LWV president in 1997-1998, and long time state board member. She joined LWV in 1978. She discussed past events as well as our current events such as State Elections Office Commissioner, Scott Naigle and the Reapportionment Commission.

Helen Hemmes presented an award to Jean Aoki for her work as a citizenship advocate.

The meeting business was officially called to order at 12:30.


The unofficial minutes of the last year’s meeting were presented. Marni Herkes moved to approve the unofficial minutes. Alberta seconded the motion. They were approved unanimously.

The Treasurer’s report was presented as a paper copy by Sue Irvine, treasurer. Our present total assets are $10,195.62. A motion to receive and filer the report subject to audit was made by Marni & seconded by Gail Laros. They were unanimously accepted.

President’s report was presented as a paper copy as well as electronically. It included topics of speakers at meetings and workshops, testimony to governing bodies, fund raising, and attendees to the state meeting.

The membership report was given by Donna Oba. As of January 30, we had 50 members. Two new members joined today; Sandy Wexler and Ramona Gamayo. Other new members this year are Nina Buchanan, Betty Collett, Mavis Cook, Margaret Elcock, Dwayne & Marjorie Erway, Julie Goettsch, Gail Mullen, Eden Pearl, Lynne Penek-Holden, Ruth Robison, & Rosalind Smith.

Leilani Crelly-Bronson asked about a change in our dues.


None was noted.


Maiden Temple formulated our bylaws changes. Sue Dursin moved that they be approved and the motion was seconded by George Wilkins. The president explained the amendment. Sue Irvine spoke to it. Sue Dursin spoke as well. They were unanimously approved

The Nominating Committee Chair George Wilkins presented the slate of officers and directors. A motion to accept slate was made by Marion Wilkins and seconded by Sandy Wexler. The slate was unanimously accepted. It is:

Co-president - Helen Hemmes (2011)
Co-president - Sue Dursin ((2010-2012)
1st VP - Marianna Scheffer ((2011)
2nd VP - Vacant
Secretary - Margaret Drake (2011)
Assistant - Secretary Jaurene Judy (2011)
Treasurer - Sue Irvine (2012)
Donna Oba (2011)
Gail Laros (2011)
Leilani Bronson-Crelly (2011)
Sara Burgess (2012)
Michael Rohr (2012)
Marni Herkes (2012)

Helen Hemmes thanked the Nominating Committee (George Wilkins, Chair, Margaret Drake, and Patricia Stolfa) on behalf of the LWVHC for a job well done. George thanked his wife, Marian, for her assistance.

Proposed Programs. Three topics for our focus for this coming year - Voter Education, Voter Access & Sunshine in Government were presented electronically and in paper form. A motion to approve them was made by Marni and seconded by Donna. They were unanimously accepted.

Marni Herkes spoke about our participation in encouraging voter education.


Marni made motion to adopt the 2010-2011 budget with $12,533.25 in Total Income plus Carryover and $2387.63 in Expenses to Carryover in the amount of $10, 145.62. George Wilkins seconded it. After discussion, it was approved by majority vote. Marni Herkes voted “no” and requested inclusion of this vote in the minutes. (See attachment)

Donna Oba made a motion that our annual dues be raised from $35 to $43. Leilani seconded this motion.

Donna explained why we should increase the $35 dues by $8 and then incrementally increase one dollar a year. Sue Dursin suggested raising it to $45. A friendly amendment was made to raise dues to $45 effective immediately. This was seconded by Sandy Wexler and approved unanimously.

The president asked if there were any other business. Leilani made a motion that the annual meeting never again conflict with the Merry Monarch Festival. The bylaws specify that the annual meeting be held between March 1st & April 30th. Marianna seconded this motion. The vote was 6 for and 6 against the motion. The president broke the tie by voting to not pass the motion. The rationale was to allow ourselves future flexibility.

Donna made a plug for the tax deductible Education Fund. She listed some of our costs.

Marian Wilkins announced that she and George Wilkins are retiring from the vote counts.

Sue Irvine made an announcement June 5th. The Hawaiian Paradise Park Community Association vote count will probably occur about that date.

Respectfully submitted by Margaret Drake

Margaret Drake

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