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President's Message
LWVHC Runs Charter School Conversion Election (Sue Irvine)
Testimony on County Code of Ethics (Helen Hemmes)
Members Approve Dues Increase (Donna Oba)
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Vote Counts in West Hawaii (Marian Wilkins)
LWV Hawaii County Annual General Meeting 4-10-10 (Margaret Drake)
Update: Hawaii County Charter Commission (Sue Dursin)
LWVHC By-Law Amendments - Adopted April 10, 2010
Update on Act 244: Comprehensive Public Campaign Funding (Sue Dursin)
2010 Election Calendar
State and National Conventions
Anti-Gambling Results (Sue Dursin)

LWVHC By-Law Amendments - Adopted April 10, 2010


Adopted April 10, 2010

Amending the Bylaws of the
(Revised April 26, 2008)


Section 1 Enumeration and Election of Officers.

The officers of the League shall be a President, or Co-Presidents (one from East Hawaii and one from West Hawaii), a first Vice President, a Secretary and an Assistant Secretary, and a Treasurer, who each shall be elected for a term of two years by the general membership at the Annual Meeting and shall take office immediately. At an Annual Meeting when a President (rather than Co-Presidents) is elected, a second Vice President (from the opposite side of the island as the First Vice President) also shall be elected for a term of two years. The President or the Co- President whose term is ending, the first Vice President and Secretaries shall be elected in odd-numbered years. A Co-President whose term is ending and Treasurer shall be elected in even-numbered years.

Section 2 The President.

The President or one of the Co-Presidents shall preside at all meetings of the organization and of the Board of Directors. She shall be, ex-officio, a member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. She shall have such usual powers of supervision and management as may pertain to the office of the President and perform such other duties as may be designated by the Board of Directors.

Section 3 The Vice-Presidents.

The two Vice Presidents, in the order of their rank, shall, in the event of absence, disability, resignation, or death of the President, or the Co-President from the same side of the island, possess all the powers and perform all the duties of that office, until such time as the Board of Directors shall select one of its members to fill the vacancy. The Vice President shall perform such other duties as the President and Board of Directors may designate.

Section 6 Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, Co-Presidents(s), First Vice President, Second Vice President (in the year(s) she is elected) Secretaries, and Treasurer. A simple majority of this committee shall constitute a quorum. The Executive Committee shall transact all emergency business between meetings of the Board of Directors. Proceedings of the Executive Committee shall be reported to the Board of Directors at its next meeting for ratification.


Section 1 Definitions.

The word “person” or any pronoun used in place thereof, where the context so requires or admits, shall include and mean individuals, firms, corporations, partnerships and associations. The singular shall include and mean the plural, or vice versa. Masculine, feminine and neuter genders shall include or interchange each of the other genders as the context shall imply.

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