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LWVHC By-Law Amendments - Adopted April 10, 2010
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Anti-Gambling Results (Sue Dursin)

Update: Charter Article 15 - Initiation of Amendments and Revisions

LWVHC’s effort to bring a modified Article 15 to the ballot hit a major snag as the charter commission finalized its work. County Clerk Kenny Goodenow and Commission Attorney Levi Hookano brought forward a series of objections. There was no time for the League committee to formulate rebuttals or to make corrections. The rewrite, labeled CA-16, was defeated.

Over five months, the LWV committee had made changes in order to satisfy previous objections. Most notably, they had agreed to use of residence address and birth date as petition signer validation.

The committee has addressed the most recent objections in hopes that the modified Article 15 can still appear on the general election ballot. They will seek the help of Mr. Goodenow and Mr. Hookano to ensure that further objections do not arise. While the Charter Commission cannot reconsider Article 15, the Hawaii County Council could place it on the ballot.

The committee still feels that the existing language of Article 15 is so vague as to be the possible source of problems for both petitioners and the county. They believe it should be presented as a step-by-step, chronological process in line with that of Article 11, Initiative and Referendum.

Sue Dursin

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