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President's Message
LWVHC Runs Charter School Conversion Election (Sue Irvine)
Testimony on County Code of Ethics (Helen Hemmes)
Members Approve Dues Increase (Donna Oba)
Update: Charter Article 15 - Initiation of Amendments and Revisions (Sue Dursin)
Vote Counts in West Hawaii (Marian Wilkins)
LWV Hawaii County Annual General Meeting 4-10-10 (Margaret Drake)
Update: Hawaii County Charter Commission (Sue Dursin)
LWVHC By-Law Amendments - Adopted April 10, 2010
Update on Act 244: Comprehensive Public Campaign Funding (Sue Dursin)
2010 Election Calendar
State and National Conventions
Anti-Gambling Results (Sue Dursin)

Update on Act 244: Comprehensive Public Campaign Funding

To follow the list of those qualifying for funding, go to the state spending commission website at funds-in-the-2010-elections

The Honolulu League of Women Voters, in conjunction with State League, has commissioned a study of Act 244 in its first election cycle. The A.L. Burruss Institute of Public Service and Research is conducting the study.

Sue Dursin

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