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August 1997
Hawaii County Report to State Board (Helene Hale)
Gambling Study
Domestic Violence: Family Court Monitoring Project (Sue Irvine)
Domestic Violence: Interview with State Attorney General Bronster (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
International Relations Committee (Helene Hale)
Mauna Kea (Michele Sheehan)
Sustainable Development (Helene Hale)
Who We Are
Note from the Editor (Michele Sheehan)

Domestic Violence: Family Court Monitoring Project

Last year, the League of Women Voters (LWV-H) of Hawaii, our State organization, undertook the project of monitoring adult misdemeanor domestic violence cases on Oahu. [The State initiated this project as part of the LWV's national priority to learn about and make an impact on violence in America.] This spring, under the guidance of Jennifer Leinhart (Kona) and Sue Irvine (Hilo), the county LWV started a similar program to add our Big Island data to that collected on Oahu.

The goal of our project is to see what impact the family court system has on preventing further domestic violence in our community. We are presently monitoring misdemeanor cases hoping to see some way the system can prevent violence from escalating to the felony level. We are observing and recording data on various aspects of domestic violence abuse proceedings such as , the length of time required for a case to come to trial , the arraignment and plea process, verdicts, sentencing, and compliance with court orders.

Aside from Jennifer, who works for Alternatives to Violence in Kona, our volunteers have come to this project with limited knowledge of our courts and how they operate. I am struck by how much we have learned, and how each of us has been inspired to come up with ideas for what needs to be done next to further our goal of making an impact on violence in our community.

Mahalo nui loa to our hardworking volunteers: Pam Collins, Dorothy Douda, Sue Dursin, Helene Hale, Marilyn Idemoto, Susan Heftel-Liquido, Alberta Lindsay, Becky. Murray, Cathy Tignac, Gerald Thorners, George and Marian Wilkins, Maile Walsh, Aina Weight, Helen Yamada and those I have not yet met!

Sue Irvine

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