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August 1997
Hawaii County Report to State Board (Helene Hale)
Gambling Study
Domestic Violence: Family Court Monitoring Project (Sue Irvine)
Domestic Violence: Interview with State Attorney General Bronster (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
International Relations Committee (Helene Hale)
Mauna Kea (Michele Sheehan)
Sustainable Development (Helene Hale)
Who We Are
Note from the Editor (Michele Sheehan)

Gambling Study

The State League has printed the study, "Should Hawaii Legalize Gambling" which was prepared by Sue Dursin with the assistance of Marian and George Wilkins . They will be mailing it to all League members in mid July. Consensus questions are included at the end of the study.

When you receive your copy please study the material. Our September 13th meeting, a joint Board and membership meeting, will be deciding on a consensus as to what position we as a League will take on any gambling issues that come up before the next legislature.

MEETING: Sept. 13th
Bree's Restaurant, Waimea, 11 a.m.

[If you are not planning to attend this meeting please mail your answers to League of Women Voters, P.O. Box 655, Hilo, HI 96721, so that your voice will be heard.]

The State Board will act on this question at their October 18th meeting.

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