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August 1997
Hawaii County Report to State Board (Helene Hale)
Gambling Study
Domestic Violence: Family Court Monitoring Project (Sue Irvine)
Domestic Violence: Interview with State Attorney General Bronster (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
International Relations Committee (Helene Hale)
Mauna Kea (Michele Sheehan)
Sustainable Development (Helene Hale)
Who We Are
Note from the Editor (Michele Sheehan)

Hawaii County Report to State Board

The Hawaii County League had five delegates at the State Convention: Sue Dursin, Marian Wilkins, Helene Hale, Jack Dolan, Helen Yamada and guest Jennifer Lienhart.

Officers were elected at our annual meeting held April 26. Helene Hale was re-elected Co-President Hilo side with Sue Dursin and Marian Wilkins sharing the Co-President position Kona side. [See hill list of current officers as designated in the enclosed membership list].

We also revised our by-laws at the annual meeting The main changes are the gender reference to s(he), adding an assistant secretary, and changing our annual dues to May 1st.

On May 15 the Hilo Unit had a discussion on the Pro-Cons of having a non-partisan county election. Bill Bonk, con side. Dr. Rick Castherg, UHH Political Science Chair, pro side. The Kona unit met on May 22nd to discuss the same subject.

June 25th we attempted to have a board meeting in Hilo. Although Marian Wilkins and Mary Francis Martin came from the other side, we actually lacked a quorum. Still, we had a lively discussion of our Mauna Kea project and Court Monitoring.

We have had a very successful fund raising this year, doing vote counts for several community organizations.

Helene Hale

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