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August 1997
Hawaii County Report to State Board (Helene Hale)
Gambling Study
Domestic Violence: Family Court Monitoring Project (Sue Irvine)
Domestic Violence: Interview with State Attorney General Bronster (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
International Relations Committee (Helene Hale)
Mauna Kea (Michele Sheehan)
Sustainable Development (Helene Hale)
Who We Are
Note from the Editor (Michele Sheehan)

International Relations Committee

Since my last report on May 31,1997, there has been a lot of activity on the national level for the United Nations. I attended the National Convention of the United Nations Association- USA as a delegate from the Hawaii Island Chapter UNA-USA and roomed with Hawaii Division-Honolulu Chapter President Joanne Tachibana. Dr. Carolyn Stephenson also was a delegate from Hawaii. It was thrilling to note that the National League International Relations Chair and League observer to the United Nations was on the Nominating committee and also elected as a member of the National Council of UNA She also led the session on Briefing the delegates about their Day on the Hill, visiting our Senators and Representatives.

Although our Senator Daniel Inouye met with us for a discussion on the United States paying its dues to the UN and listened to us about helping to get the Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, we did not get a definite commitment for either, and we note that he voted against the Lugar Amendment, which would have paid our dues in full without restrictions. Senator Akaka voted for the Amendment. The Authorization Bill (S903) allows payment of some of the dues owed by the US to the UN but has about three dozen unilateral restrictions on this payment, which will undoubtedly prove unacceptable to the rest of the UN countries. We have written to Senator Akaka thanking him for his vote and to Senator Inouye urging him to delete these restrictions. The National League supports full payment of current and back dues.

I have joined the United Nations Restudy Group and have enclosed a request that our league study our position on the UN with the view to expanding it to be more specific. They request us to submit our recommendations for submittal to the 1998 National Convention.

Helene Hale

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